Shiwei Shi


Personal Data



Surname:          Shi

Given name:              Shiwei

Sex:                   male

Academic Title:                  Dipl. Pol., Dr. rer pol.

Address of workplace:      University of International Business and

                            Economics (UIBE), P. O. Box 127

Huixin Dongjie 10, Beijing 100029, China

Tel:                     010 – 64492756 (O)


Nationality:             Chinese


Main Education



2.1978-2.1982           Study to major in German at Beijing 2. Institute for Foreign Languages

                            Graduated with Bachelor of Arts (B. A.)

                            Silk ribbon of excellence from the Institute 

9.1984-7.1987                     Postgraduate study to major in international relations at Chinese Renmin-University

                            Graduated with Master of Law (M. A.)

4.1990-6.1992                     Study at Department political sciences (Otto-Suhr-Institute), Free University of Berlin Diplom Politologe (overall score: 1,6; oral examination 1,5)

7.1995 - 1.1998                   Doctoral study at Faculty for Economics and Social Sciences, University of Potsdam

Conferral of Doctorate (Doctor rer. pol.) (Doctor for Economics and Social Sciences) on September 4th, 1997 (final grade: cum laude)


Main Working expierences


2.1982-9.1984           Assistant researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

9.1987-1.1990                     Assistant, then assistant professor for international relations at the Department for International Politics, Chinese Renmin-University

3.1994-6.1995           Associate for a third party funds project "Modernization und Transformation

in the East Asia newly industrializing countries" at Chair Wallraf, Faculty for Economics and Social Sciences, University of Potsdam

11.1998-7.2006                  Associate professor then professor at Chinese-German Institute, University for International Business and Economics (UIBE)

Since 9.2001                        Initiator and organizer of the cooperative program with three German universities for joint teaching in curricula for business administration at UIBE preparing the students to a study in Germany majored in business administration (Betriebswirtschaftslehre) – so called 4+2 Program

Since 9.2006                       Professor of School for Foreign Studies,

Director of Research Centre for European Studies, Institute for Regional Studies, UIBE

Secretary General of Research Center for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, UIBE 

Research fellow of Research Center for China-EU Economic Cooperation, UIBE


Other academic titels


Member of the Council of Chinese Association for Germany Studies

Research fellow, Research Department of International Cooperation Center of National Development and Reform Commission

Research Fellow, Zentrum für Deutschlandsforschung, Chinese Rinmin University

Main Council member of the Ecological Development Union International


Teaching Activities:


For Bachelor degree: “Introduction into Betriebswirtschaftslehre”,  “Introduction into Marketing”, “Theory and Praxis of Economic Policies”(held bilingual German and Chinese),“German Economy” as part of Lecture Series “World Economy”


For Master degree majored in Business German: “Study of German Economy”, “Economic and Trade relations between China and Germany”, “European Union”.



Current Projects


1.        211 Project: “Comparison between the innovation system of China and Germany”, from March 2009 to December 2011.

2.        “The comparative study of national and regional innovation systems of China and Europe“,Chief of the focal point project of National Education Ministry. From December 2011-December 2014

3.        Participating of edition of Year Book   “Survey of Development of SME in China”  Published by Chinese Press of Enterprise Management. (From 10.2009 on, finished Series of 2008, 2011, 2012) .

4.        Participating of writing of  Year Book“Development Report of Germany” Published by Chinese Press for Scientific Documentation (from 2012 on, finished Series 2012, 2013)

5.        Edition of “The Atlas of Economic Indicators of Germany” as Editor in chief. Published by Press for Sciences (From 2012 on, Finished Series 2011, 2013)

6.        Edition of “the Business Environment of Germany” as one of Series “Business Environment of G20” Project of Institute for Regional Studies, UIBE 12.2012 


Main Publications



Staat, Pfadabhängigkeit und Wechselwirkungen zwischen Politik und Wirtschaft beim Transformationsprozeß. Politische Ökonomie der Weltmarktöffnung der VR China 1978-1995. Frankfurt/Main: Peter Lang, 1998  320 p. (Monography published in German)

Quanqiuhua Zhishi Duben ( Knowledge about Economic Globalization) . Beijing: Press of University of Media, 2008 400 p. (editor published in Chinese)

Competition and Partnership: Key Issues of Economic and Trade Relations between China and EU. Beijing: University of International Business and Economics Press    2008   460 p. (Editor published in English)

Survey on Chinese-German Economic and Trade Relations. Beijing: Press of International Business and Economics 2013 ( Monography published both in German and in Chinese)

Professional Articles


1.          Current situation, Problems and Perspective of economic relations between China and Germany, in: Deutschland-Studien, Band 8, 1994/3, S. 32-39

2.          On the economic policies of Red-Green-Coalition, in: Deutschland-Studien, Band 14, 1999/4, S. 8-12

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